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Birthday ATV Adventure Party

Birthday ATV Adventure Party

A year ago a great friend had one simple wish for her birthday. She wanted to go ATVing. That seemed easy enough. Well, it wasn’t. I searched and searched but found nothing within 50 miles of Charleston. Then out of the blue, our extremely talented web/photo/video/SEO guy Mike with Advent Designs stumbled across www.CarolinaAdventureWorld.com when the search was expanded to all of South Carolina. 

 So when her birthday was nearing I told her we could go ATVing just like she had hoped for last year and the excitement could barely be contained. Their name says it all and we are quite partial to their middle name. It was paradise if you like being outdoors, mud, high speeds in the woods, campfires and hanging out with your friends. The have rentals of traditional ATVs (4 wheelers), side by sides and dirt bikes. You can also bring your own. Lodging can be primitive camping (or hammock camping), cabins or RVs.

atv2As a business we do a lot of things for the first time and learn from those experiences. We left early morning and had to coordinate 10 people and a 2 hour drive from Charleston, South Carolina. We stayed the night after a half day or riding. When we do it again, camping out the night before and hitting the trails early is the way to go. It can be a group decision if they stay a second night (which is recommended for the stories of the day to be shared around the fire.

So for those that didn’t know we plan adventure birthday parties. We coordinate the lodging, food and transportation if needed. Adding the photo package is a great way to remember the experience forever.

“Ben-Jamin Toy makes being adventurous really easy! The logistics are always well-planned, and upon arrival everything runs smoothly. For my first adventure of the year, we went 4-wheeling. I was really nervous at first because I'd never driven one before, but I decided to dig in anyway. After about 10 minutes, I flipped into mud and was lucky to have Ben pull it out for me! Afterward, lodging arrangements and food, etc. were all taken care of and it was nice to just go with the flow. I highly recommend On Purpose Adventures’ services for anyone that wants to try new things and meet people that enjoy those types of events.” - LeaAnn, Cross, SC. Adventure birthday attendee


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