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ENO Eagles Nest Hammock Review

Why carry around a full tent when you clip this lightweight tent to your backpack and be ready to sleep or relax anywhere (beach, poolside, off a yacht, park, mountain top)? It’s extremely comfortable and really lightweight (packs up the size of a softball). It has a capacity of 400lbs and a built in stuff pack. We recommend you getting a sleeping pad for the bottom of hammock. For one this makes sleeping a little more comfortable but it also adds a layer between you and the bottom of the hammock that helps protect against chilly nights.


You can also get the rain tarp and bug nest, which, depending on where you are camping the added investment will make for a much easier sleep. They are not essential but that really depends on if you don’t mind waking on to giant banana spiders crawling on your face. The slapstraps are a must have. You can carry around the slapstraps and hammock in your car and pretty much hang that bad boy up anywhere. We get very creative in some of the places our hammocks have been hung from. You can even take of some of the weight by swapping out the steel carabiners that come with it for aluminium ones

As far as sleeping goes…I will never sleep on the ground again. It really is some of the best sleep you will ever get. During a recent warmer trip everyone was complaining about how hot the tents were getting but with air flow both over the top and bottom of the hammock there was a point in the night my back was actually cold. As mentioned before if it is during the colder part of the season you are going to want to have mat underneath you and warmth won’t be a problem. You can spring for the double nest if you want some added space but it’s not necessary, both the single and double hold up to 400lbs and unless you regularly plan on sleeping two in the hammock you can save a little and invest that in the bug tarp.

You can get yours today from  The Backpacker in Mount Pleasant or online here.

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