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Fishing With A Tampon and Other Crazy Survival Tips

Fishing With A Tampon and Other Crazy Survival Tips

Whether trying to survive in the wild or the next zombie apocalypse, you very well may need to come up with some unconventional ways to survive the experience.  What may sound completely crazy now may benefit you when the time comes, so pay close attention to these insane tips to survive any catastrophic life event.


tampoon tinder

The first thing you can do is learn to spit fish.  That’s right. A strange and somewhat grotesque combination of your saliva and a shirt will feed you if you are near some sort of water.  Get yourself into the water, use your shirt as a net and simply spit.  The little minnows will think it is food and voila- Dinner!  Use the tiny fish as food to throw in a stew or turn them into bait for a larger fishy treat.

If you are in need of a different way to fish with what you have on hand, consider a tampon fishing bobber.  Open up the wrapper and tie it up around the tampon to make a bubble. Find something to use for fishing wire and go do something else to get you off that deserted island while the fish latch on for your next meal. The cotton inside the tampon is also a great fire starter, so keep that in mind, too, when freezing out there.

A good reason to resort back to using an analog watch rather than relying on your phone for the time is it can also be used as a compass. Tilt the hour hand towards the sun and you’ll then know which way is north and south because the center point between both hands on your watch show you which is the north and south lines.  Whichever one is pointing towards the sun is north.  Navigate your way home, or at least away from that remote place you got yourself trapped in simply and easily.

chewing gum fire starterChewing Gum, the most hated of all treats by street cleaners everywhere, but in the middle of a crisis some Big Red could help save you from starvation while keeping your breath fresh.  You can use the foil backed wrapper and an AA batter to create fire.  Just tear the wrapper in the shape of an hour glass and touch the foil to the positive and negative battery terminals.  By short circuiting the battery the current will briefly cause the paper to ignite.  Now pop the gum in  your mouth and use your tiny flame to get some tinder going for dinner.

If you end up in some really dry desert where water is all but non-existant, you can still survive the experience and stay hydrated enough to get back home someday.  Since the human body needs to be hydrated on some level to make it, your best bet when surrounded by sand dunes is to use it all to your advantage. Scrounge up any kind of plastic or material that water won’t seep through, dig a hole that can catch some sun and eventually you will be able to salvage some water vapor pulled directly from the dirt in a pinch.

No matter what crazy and peculiar skill you might need, the best thing to remember is not panic.  Just pack up the tampons, wear a big shirt and strap that watch to your wrist. Then, no matter what comes your way, you’ll make it.

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