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Rock climbing, backpacking, survival oh my!

Rock climbing, backpacking, survival oh my!

When the nearest grocery stores is miles and miles away, vertically or horizontally eating is a planned event. And unless you like cold meal bars and cool drinks having a great, light-weight, compact stove is a great idea. There are many to choose from. Points to consider are weight, capacity, fuel needs and price.  We have not used all the different types, please check out this review from a trusted source http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/Backpacking-Stove-Reviews

jetboil2We recommend the Jetboil Flash. It includes a 1L cooking cup, a push button igniter, stabilizing stand, adapter for using a pan and everything fits inside the cup (including the 110g fuel canister, not included). The Flash is lightweight and great for solo or two person cooking of dehydrated meals by boiling water in a…flash. A great sealing lid with sip hole makes pouring or drinking from easy. There are graduated fill lines on the inside for simple measuring.

In addition to outdoor adventuring, On Purpose Adventures highly recommend having a Jetboil (Sol, Zip, Flash, Sumo) in a BUG out bag. In any kind of disaster, be it flood, blizzard, zombie apocalypse or vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere having a way to boil water is a necessity. There are many other things that should be included in a BUG out bag but we will save that for another blog.


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