Team Building & Team Bonding Adventures

Potential doesn’t dictate success, Performance does.

charleston sc team buildingWhether you’re a C-level executive, team leader, or HR pro, the success of your company depends on your team. When putting together a team building experience, a little help from the industry leader goes a long way. We’re here to answer all your questions about leadership retreats, employee engagement activities, and other fun team building events.

On Purpose Team Building is the nation’s premier team building solution. With intentionality, OPTB strategically harnesses the power of fun, play, and adventure to deliver the results you desire. While our specialty is unique, adventure-based team building activities, OPTB offers a wide range of activities based on bonding and building. Whether you're looking for a meeting energizer, team driven solutions to specific issues, or a general team-bonding experience — we create the program to meet your time frame, budget, and goals. The camaraderie drawn from a light-hearted day creating shared memories provides a platform for discussion, reflection, and change, and each session will provide you with the right tools to continue the process of growth and learning beyond the day. OPTB will help you form more productive teams with a renewed sense of purpose and the confidence to overcome any obstacles. We bring your team to new heights whether in-person, virtually, or a hybrid of both. Headquartered in Charleston, SC, many companies host retreats and team building sessions in Charleston. OPTB is available for team building events and retreats worldwide.

Don’t dedicate any more of your time to struggling with the zillion little details and specifics that go into any team building activity. Our process is simple and effective. Whether your next event is in-person, virtual, or a combination of both, we’ll make sure your team is engaged and everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Go ahead – give yourself permission to enjoy your own event for once.

  • Cohesion Culture
  • holy-city-wanderer
  • Building/Bonding: Building
  • Virtual/On Site/Hybrid: All available
  • Duration: 2-4hrs+
  • Headcount: 6+
  • Lv1 Virtual; Lv5 On Site
  • Cohesion Culture™ Camp provides leadership workshops and team building programs with hands-on, interactive-learning activities, taking complex development concepts and breaking them down into bite-sized engaging activities while focusing on belonging, commitment, and value. On Purpose Team Building and Dr. Troy Hall are known around the world for advancing organizations from conceptualization into actualization, progressing company leaders and their teams from knowing what needs to be done to taking the necessary action.
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  • Out of the
  • boredroom
  • Building/Bonding: Building
  • Virtual/On Site/Hybrid: All Available
  • Duration: 3+hrs
  • Headcount: 6-30
  • Activity Level: Lv3
  • Whether your team already feels like family or there is discord among the ranks, everyone can benefit from our hands-on customized interactive training. On Purpose Team Building creates situations that expose people to the paradigms and mindsets affecting their daily decisions, seizing these discoveries as teachable moments to solidify appropriate responses. This Team Building session will build bonds among your staff, allow for leadership, and offer ways for everyone to utilize their creative thinking, work together to solve problems, and have a blast together.
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  • Code
  • backseat-driver
  • Building/Bonding: Building
  • Virtual/On Site/Hybrid:Virtual
  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Headcount: 5+
  • Activity Level: Lv1
  • Leaders seeking to engage team members in collaborative exercises that maintain a fun atmosphere while covertly instilling and revealing the principles of teamwork and cooperation will love Codebreakers. In this fast-paced virtual code breaking game, large groups are organized into small teams that must work together against the clock to earn more points than their opponoents. There are no single heroes in Codebreakers; Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the overall team success. A riddle and puzzle-solving contest that’s guaranteed to keep everyone in a “solving frenzy” until the last second, with a debrief at the end to solidify the lessons learned.
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