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This is a chronicle of the many adventures we take part in from bachelor parties to corporate retreats. You will also find some great reviews of the places and products we use as part of our adventures.

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I like to be outside. I like to be active. The most vivid memories I have of my childhood involve being outside with my family. Ponies and horses were very common at my place since my mother was a riding instructor. Holiday picnics and birthday parties were often held at our place. We had 3 acres. The natural terrain made for a great place for baseball and football games. We also had a sand volleyball court. My parents bought the land that used to be an outdoor dirt gokart track, so it ialready had fencing and the announcer’s stand converted nicely into a barn for the horses. Even though my nearest friends were miles away, they were able to walk to my place or get dropped by the bus after school.



After a few recent run-ins with kids who didn’t know how to play unless an electronic device was involved, I was saddened. But then I decided to do something about it. I have also encountered some parents who don’t know how to play with their kids. I understand work and timing, but you only get so long to install the right values and create memories.

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It seems that every week a new blog is circulated virally via social media regarding dating or marriage advice. The captions with the post often are ‘Amen’, ‘Preach it!’, ‘I want this’. Many of these blogs don’t dive too deep past the surface of their topic, and from that vantage point every bloggers opinion seems like a great fresh approach to relationships...mainly because our image only society (meaning JPGS and MP4s) doesn’t really know how to analyze thoughts anymore past the 2 dimensions. As a result, we get 2-D topics.

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Christmas Eve service at the First Baptist Church of Ford City was tradition. I would always ride from there to pap’s after the service with Uncle Eric and his girlfriend at the time. We had a spread of cold cuts, fried chicken and veggies waiting for us. It was almost torture. I had to wait until everyone arrived and had eaten before the meticulous wrapping was destroyed. I was the only kid present since my cousins lived hours away and showed up a few days after Christmas. The other guests were distant relatives, second and third cousins, the preacher, his family and dogs running everywhere.

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Sometimes age comes alone.

It is an old adage, but it isn't cliche`. In fact those four words need to be analyzed and studied.

That statement is the rebuttal following "wisdom comes with age". Forgive, actually dwell on, the following phrases as they are extremely powerful when realized. Wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from making mistakes. When that is added the realization the OFTEN age comes alone sinks in. While we as humans are making mistakes all the time, many don't make them in the areas needed for growth and success, both personally and professionally. Several other blog posts can be dedicated to defining success. For now just use the picture of it you have in your head, the following should still help you achieve it.

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To give thanks. To show gratitude for things you have, both in possession, relationships and undefinable areas.

"Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.”

― Pearl S. Buck


We are also a nation that now, while still digesting a meal meant to be the celebration of being thankful, can trample and physically fight with absolute strangers to purchase things we don’t have. While some make this a family affair, sometimes just to people watch, it is a sad and ironic situation nonetheless.

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"By camping out in the woods, sleeping by a fire in just a hammock under the stars without any phone or internet service available I was able to just focus on myself and just be without having any business distractions for the first time in months! " ~ Judd - Charleston

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