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Kids today don't know how to play - The Chase Challenge

Kids today don

I like to be outside. I like to be active. The most vivid memories I have of my childhood involve being outside with my family. Ponies and horses were very common at my place since my mother was a riding instructor. Holiday picnics and birthday parties were often held at our place. We had 3 acres. The natural terrain made for a great place for baseball and football games. We also had a sand volleyball court. My parents bought the land that used to be an outdoor dirt go-kart track, so it i already had fencing and the announcer’s stand converted nicely into a barn for the horses. Even though my nearest friends were miles away, they were able to walk to my place or get dropped by the bus after school.



After a few recent run-ins with kids who didn’t know how to play unless an electronic device was involved, I was saddened. But then I decided to do something about it. I have also encountered some parents who don’t know how to play with their kids. I understand work and timing, but you only get so long to install the right values and create memories.



So when I shared On Purpose Adventure's idea of wanting to create adventure based fundraisers for non-profit organizations, Adam White, Executive Director of Chase After A Cure jumped at the chance of being the first organization to benefit from such a team building event.


The Chase Challenge, Sat. April 19 at Wannamaker County Park,  was inspired from my elementary school gym Olympics. Like the Chase Challenge it paired parents and children against other teams (in categories based on the child’s age) and was so much fun...even if my dad and I came in second place two years in a row to Ryan M and his dad.


In short, duo teams (one adult, one child) compete at 15 stations comprising an obstacle course full of three legged races, corn hole, distance toss, golf ball spoon relay, etc. Since Purpose is the middle name of OPA, the ways this event benefits the community is great. For every team registered, ONE HOUR of childhood cancer research can be performed at MUSC. A portion of every business sponsorship also goes to sponsoring children from the local Big Brother Big Sister program so they can compete at no cost. And if that child does not have a Big available that day, they will be paired with a local hero representing the Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team.


The festivities begin at 11 am. Teams can be entered for competition until 12:45 pm and competition starts at 1:00 pm lasting until 4:00 pm. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Marriott Business Council for children under 5. For children 5-14 not competing there will be an adventure zone with jump castles, face painting, balloon figures and a princess from Once Upon A Party for a $5 donation (competitors get in free). We even have something for the adults...think you can do a firefighter physical test better than them? Well for just a $10 donation you can try. There are hundreds of dollars in prizes at stake for this one from TrySports, Nature Adventures and Sparians.

How you can help the children on purpose:

Many have asked how can they be involved since they don’t have kids or live near Charleston and that is a great question. You can be a Good Sport and sponsor 4 teams for $100 or individual teams for $25.  Visit and register your support directly here.

So the question is, will you accept the challenge?

Live on Purpose,


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A big thank you to our additional sponsors who believe in community and helping children: Crews Chevrolet, Community Management Group and Cannon Park Dental.

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